I gave birth in my living room

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

I get asked this a lot, so here goes.

By the grace of God, I was able to have our son safely in our living room (yes, on purpose) and “naturally” just like I wanted to. I know a lot of you reading this will most likely not opt for home birth but still may want to have an un-medicated birth at the hospital. I will do my best to navigate my opinions and advice for that given my home birth experience. Below is a list of some things I think helped me give birth without any pain relief/suggestions. I know there are so many aspects to birth some controllable some not and I first want to acknowledge that. I’m writing this to share my experience and answer the common questions I receive about natural childbirth. Again, I want to share some things I think helped ME during my natural childbirth experience, and still its not conclusive. I was totally afraid of birth before getting pregnant. All of these aspects below were transformative for me in-- not a pain free birth, but definitely a fear free one. I won’t go into my full birth story, that will have to be another blog post but here are some bullet points that I think are worth mentioning.

*One last disclaimer, I’m not a medical professional and these are solely my opinions and conclusions based on books I’ve read, other women’s stories, things I’ve learned from midwives and my own personal experience. Please advocate for yourself, listen to your trusted care providers and do what's best for you and baby!

· Pray and ask God to prepare you for what is ahead.

-I think this is self-explanatory but it was pivotal for my experience and me. I know without a doubt that God prepared me well for giving birth and was whom I leaned on the most during labor. Pray for safety for you and baby, pray for the ability to birth the way you feel safest and most comfortable. Pray for endurance, pray that no one would make you feel pressured, pray that your partner would stay well and strong with you. Pray that God would prepare you. Pray that you would feel peace and his presence. Pray you would remember the joy set before you. Pray you would remember what you want even when it gets difficult. Pray for perspective.

· Don’t let people talk your ear off about their bad experiences.

-I don’t mean this to come off insensitive, after you give birth you can listen to your friends hard birth story from start to finish but during your pregnancy you need to be built up. Find a way to gently change the subject or redirect the conversation when others want to tell you their “bad” experience with birth or why they felt they needed a certain intervention. Listen, there is nothing wrong with people choosing to use medication, which is their freedom. It is also yours to choose something different if you want. Politely say you’d rather talk about something else and do your best to only let the positive stories come in. If someone is insistent upon their views or they try to insinuate you are “dumb” for “even trying” to have a natural birth, you can smile and just say something like, “well, I’m going to try”. Find whatever you feel comfortable with. Ultimately nobod