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Natural Products I ACTUALLY Use

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

When it comes to being "non-toxic" and "all natural" I'm somewhere in the middle of the road. Some call themselves silky mamas, they love their modern medicine, baby formula and room spray they bought at Target. Then you have your self proclaimed crunchy mamas, homebirth, breastfeeding and essential oils on everything type of mama. I'd like to think of myself as a... "scrunchy" mama. Not everything has to be gluten-free, organic, dairy free, hypoallergenic, grass fed, non-toxic, paleo, vegan, & "clean", but listen if I can find products as close to natural as possible, that WORK and are REASONABLY affordable, I'm IN! I like my organic this and that as much as the next person but don't count me out on cheese fries please.

BUT, since having Smith the products I put on my body (which effect him since I'm nursing) and ESPECIALLY products I use directly on him have to be something I'm comfortable with. Intro, Primally Pure.

Primally Pure and I recently partnered up after I did some testing on their products and I'm happy to report were pretty much in love. AND GOOD NEWS, for the month of JUNE I have a discount code for you at the end of the post. Here are my top four favorites to use right now & other products I've tried/will be trying! The real deal.

First up, the QUEEN that got me hooked. Their lavender deodorant is my favorite. It actually works! The scent is fresh, the texture of the actual deodorant is soft and gentle on your pits. Lots of natural deodorants irritate your arm pits but I didn't experience that with PP. You guys know I'm an active wife, mom & trainer so having a deodorant that works is a must. As with most natural deodorants you do have to reapply as needed but for ME personally that's only maybe one more time after initial application! I personally didn't go through a detox phase but Primally Pure has a blog post that covers what to do for that if you do! The 1.7 oz size lasts me 6-8 weeks. While I love the lavender scent, I ordered the geranium this time around to see what I think of it.

Second up, the Dry Shampoo for light locks. Dry shampoo makes life so much better for someone who sweats daily. Washing my hair is an event so being able to have reliable dry shampoo is helpful. I like this for the scent and that the powder seems like it actually soaks up the oil versus just covering the appearance of oil. I will say it doesn't "work" as well as the propane, butane filled counterparts but the exchange is worth it. I will say that if I scratch my scalp after using it I will have the arrowroot powder under my nails, when I first did this I forgot I had put the dry shampoo in and I thought WHAT IS GOING ON with my scalp?! Then I remembered. HA! I still like it!

The newest addition to my line up is the Blue Tansy Beauty Cream. Every night I use this after applying my Mad Hippie Exfoliating serum & Vitamin A serum. (I ordered the Primally Pure Fancy Face serum //the pregnancy formula since I'm nursing\\ to try next). This beauty cream really did save my skin. NOTHING, was helping my face maintain moisture since I started breastfeeding but THIS changed the game. It smells amazing, it fights inflammation and is calming for your skin. Blue Tansy oil has anti-bacterial properties & reduces inflammation which helps fight the bacteria that causes blemishes. It may seem counterintuitive to use an oily product if you're struggling with breakouts but in my case it actually helped. Use your discretion but I love this stuff. Yes, it's actually BLUE, a much darker blue than this photo seems though.

And finally, the Baby Balm is a MUST HAVE for moms! I use this stuff on Smith's bum if it starts getting red and the redness significantly goes down by his next diaper change. I was very impressed. When Smith gets little dry spots on his face I'll apply the balm and waaa-pow moisturized safely. It is unscented but the oils used mixed with Smith's sweet smell already are THE BEST. This balm has tons of uses too, before the Beauty Cream I was slathering it on my face and dry spots like nobodies business. I had no idea how paranoid I was going to be about the products I used on him when he was born but I FOR REAL was terrified and only wanted to put things on him I was 100% SURE were safe. As much as I like these products for how they work, smell and the integrity of them I really love the peace of mind I have about using them for our family.

In my recent order, along with the things I mentioned above, I included the Charcoal deodorant for Kirk to try, Cleansing Oil for normal skin, and Jasmine Body Oil! Other products I've tried and like but I'm not necessarily RAVING about are the Almond + Vanilla Body Butter & Baby Oil.

If you guys are interested in trying out Primally Pure, now is the time I have a 10% discount code for the month of June and I'm pretty confident you're going to love them! Shop here & USE THE CODE: "THANKSBREE" at checkout!



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